What is a life coach?

A life coach is a professional who is trained to guide clients from their present life state to achieve long-term or short-term goals. The value of life coaching is that it offers a unique partnership not often found in traditional therapy. Your coach will work closely with you to understand your current situation and how you can find solutions to change your life. A life coach can help you see things differently and make long lasting changes in your life.

Coaching is often founded upon the notion that we all retain belief systems that may not be serving us. We adopt thinking from our parents, our friends, and our co-workers and that thinking is not often challenged. As your coach, I help identify those beliefs and show you how your mind is often the cause of your problems. Once there, we can find ways to work through them so you can move forward.

Are life coaches certified?

There is no regulatory standard for life coaches. While you may hear a lot about different certification programs, there is no single authority approving and certifying life coaches. That being said, life coaches should have some formal training. Life coaches come from all walks of life. The most important consideration in selecting a coach is finding someone you feel comfortable with. You coach will both challenge you and support you and that works best in a relationship that is mutually agreeable to both parties.

What are your credentials?

As a practicing attorney, I have firsthand knowledge of the challenges facing professionals—whether attorneys or not. I am a professional certified life and weightloss coach through the Life Coach School. I also have a life coaching certificate from Acholoy, The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology. I have a degree is religious studies which permits me to understand people’s belief systems and value structures. I also look to my training as a certified Meditation Instructor and Reiki Master which requires a deep understanding of the chakra system and our energy bodies. All of this makes my coaching sessions a well-rounded and powerful experience.

My experience in the legal profession is expansive: I have worked in large national firms, regional firms, boutique firms, and nonprofits. During my legal career, I built and chaired a practice group, taught in a business school as well as a law school, and eventually went in-house with a Fortune 300 company. I leverage my experience to help my clients achieve their dreams, whatever that may look like.

What is the difference between coaching and therapy?

Traditional therapy heavily relies upon your past experiences including your childhood and familial relationships and unresolved issues relating to those experiences. Traditional therapy is provided by either psychologists or psychiatrists who also have extensive medical training. Life coaching is primarily forward looking. While life coaching may look to your past to understand existing thought patterns and beliefs, that is not our primary focus. Life coaching is by no means a replacement to traditional therapy and often, coaching may be a valuable supplement to traditional therapy. Certain issues may not be a good fit for life coaching and may need to be resolved before engaging in extensive life coaching.

What happens during a life coaching session?

Prior to your first session, I will provide you with an onboarding worksheet that will help you get into the headspace of coaching. During the first session we will spend time working through items that came up from the onboarding worksheet and establishing long- and short-term goals.

Ongoing sessions will often review prior action items and discuss current progress and successes. Each session is open to direction by the client – What is challenging you? What do you want to change? Where do you feel like something is lacking in your life?

When you purchase sessions, you will also get instant access to my program materials which includes videos, worksheets, and reading that expand upon our work together. Clients are free to work through the program modules at their own pace as they see fit.

Do I need to sign up for a program?

Absolutely not. Every client’s needs are unique. You can elect to sign up for sessions simply to minimize your expenses and each session can focus on whatever is top-of-mind for you.

How do I sign up for coaching?

You can request your initial, free consultation mini-session here. After you initial consult, I will provide you with sign-up details and payment options.

Where does coaching take place?

All my coaching takes place virtually through Zoom video conferencing. Unfamiliar with Zoom? It’s a fantastic, free resource. Download the app now and check out Zoom.com for support.

To prepare for a session or consultation call, you must find a quiet, private location where you can be free from interruption.

How does group coaching work?

Group programs typically consist of six group coaching sessions over the course of seven weeks. Each session will focus on a particular topic and will consist of both teaching and group coaching to the extent there are volunteers. Group coaching does not require participation and camera usage is not required. Any participation by members is purely voluntary. Group programs will include tools and worksheets to further explore each topic between sessions.

Weekly attendance at group sessions is essential as group programs are not recorded and are non-refundable.

Do my sessions expire?

Once you purchase a package of sessions, they will not expire. They are free for you to use as you see fit.

Cancellation Policy

Please review the Coaching Terms and Conditions prior to scheduling your first session.

Do I need to sign a contract with my coach?

All coaching services are subject to the Coaching Terms and Conditions.