Authentic. Engaging. Empowering.

Keynotes, Workshops, and Master Classes

Are you ready to help your attorneys take charge of their career and pave the path to success? Work with me and host an inspiring session led by a renowned expert in empowering women in the legal profession.

Let’s work together to organize a dynamic presentation that will include practical actionable tools to help your attorneys:

  • Define their career goals with clarity and purpose
  • Overcome common challenges and barriers faced by women in the legal profession
  • Develop a powerful personal brand and professional network
  • Negotiate for the compensation and opportunities they deserve
  • Cultivate resilience and confidence in the face of adversity
  • Create a roadmap for sustainable success and fulfillment in their legal career

I combine everything I have learned from years of coaching lawyers with an intimate knowledge of the legal industry based upon my experience building my own practice group, making partner, teaching in law and business schools, going in-house with a Fortune 300 Company, and founding my own firm.

More than positive thinking or mantras that offer temporary solutions, my presentations offer real tools for real and lasting change.

I am comfortable in small groups and large audiences and have worked with women’s initiative groups all across the country. I design my keynotes and workshops to inform, be fun and open participants up to a deep awareness that will allow for lasting change.

Topic Suggestions

I can speak to any relevant group topic but here are commonly requested topics:

  • How to Find More Time & Get More Done
  • Why Aren’t We Happier in Law?
  • How to Build a Thriving Practice
  • Be Assertive (without being a . . . )
  • Successfully Selling Your Services
  • Taking Action on Your Goals
  • The Key to Being a Good Leader
  • Pivoting into a Leadership Role
  • Overcoming Attrition and Retaining Talent
  • What Does In-House Counsel Want?
  • How to Overcome Overwhelm (for good)
  • Negotiations 101
  • How to Authentically Sell Yourself and Build Your Business
  • How to Transform Any Relationship
  • The Essential Tool to Achieve Any Goal
  • How to Navigate Difficult Conversations

Schedule time to discuss your event and see if we’re a match to work together!