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Reading List

(Because if we work together, you will actually find time to read — FOR FUN!)

These books have a constant place on my shelf. They are the audiobooks you “read” and then immediately buy in hard copy because you can’t bear the idea of not having them around to revisit or pass on to fellow seekers.

Meditation and Mindfulness Resources

  • Meditation Timer – App (free)
    • Harish Kumar Chauhan
    • A timer to help you to focus on meditation for a specific period every day.
  • Morning Yoga Movement, Yoga with Kassandra
    • YouTube (free)
    • 10 Minute Morning Yoga Challenge, 30 days of yoga for 10 minutes
  • Insight Timer – App
    • Thousands of guided meditations, classes, etc. to help with sleep, anxiety, etc.
    • Mostly free, upgraded subscription available.
  • IAM Yoga Nidra – App
    • Kamini Desai’s app features several Yoga Nidra guided meditation. 
    • Great for sleep and relaxation. Affordable $3.99 on Apple Store.
  • Headspace – App
    • Subscription format with 1000s of options for help with anxiety, sleep, etc.